About us

Do Training and developement Center

Amman, Jordan

Who we are

Do Training & Development Center specializes in preparing students to earn high school diplomas by offering test preparation courses in all subjects. We help students to pass the AP, ACT & SAT among other exams where we offer our experience that has been more than 20 years.


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Our Services

Certifications & Test Preparation

  • We provide advanced courses & training services with professional teachers in all AP, ACT & SAT subjects.

  • We prepare students to earn a high school diploma by offering courses in all subjects

  • The center provides educational advisory services through our experienced specialists.

Career Building

  • We help students to find their career paths and provide them with practical advice.

  • We provide real-work training opportunities to help them gain work experience.  

Professional Training

  • Industry-specific training programs to help new graduates gain the knowledge and work experiences in their fields of interest.

Our Partners